Products of the Korošec Oil Mill

Bučno olje

Pumpkin seed oil is an unrefined edible vegetable oil, produced by pressing roasted best quality pumpkin seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin.

Pumpkin seed oil has a dark green or red colour and a typical aroma and taste. With approximately 20 % of unsaturated fatty acids, 35 % of monounsaturated fatty acids and around 45 % of polyunsaturated fatty acids, its consistence is extremely favourable.

An amount of approximately 50 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams makes the oil rich in tocopherols, in addition it contains other vitamins, microelements, carotenoids, rare amino acids and the natural pigment (chlorophyll).

Solatno olje

Pumpkin seed oil for salads is a mixture of unrefined edible pumpkin seed oil (30 %) and refined vegetable oil (70 %).

Pumpkin seed oil for salads has a pure green colour and a pleasant pumpkin seed flavour. With its beneficent aroma it meets even the highest consumer demands.

It can be used not only for the preparation of various vegetable and meat salads but also for salad dressings and side dishes that can be served with all kinds of cold cuts.

Before hot pressing, which is the traditional procedure of pumpkin seed oil production, the seeds are being mechanically prepared and heat-treated. First, the seeds are crushed in a cylinder mill and mixed with water (water prevents burning of the seeds during roasting and ensures the production of 100 % pure oil), next the seeds are roasted in pans at a temperature between 100 and 110°C, and finally they are pressed in a pressing machine. Oil produced in this way has a typical dark green colour and thickness, and an intense aroma and taste. To produce 1 litre of oil with hot pressing, some 3 kilograms of pumpkin seeds are needed.