• Pumpkin seed oil

    Pumpkin seed oil is an unrefined edible vegetable oil, produced by pressing roasted best quality pumpkin seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin.Pumpkin seed oil has a dark green or red colour and a typical aroma and taste. With approximately 20 % of... Read More
  • Pumpkin seed oil for salads

    Before hot pressing, which is the traditional procedure of pumpkin seed oil production, the seeds are being mechanically prepared and heat-treated. First, the seeds are crushed in a cylinder mill and mixed with water (water prevents burning... Read More
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Oljarna Korošec - Pumpkin seed oil and Pumpkin seed oil for salads

The quality work of the Korošec Oil Mill reflects in numerous acknowledgements and awards for the excellently rated oils of the Korošec Oil Mill. The products of the Korošec Oil Mill, in particular the pumpkin seed and salad oils, have been awarded several times at the exhibition and evaluation of Slovenian dishes DOBROTE SLOVENSKIH KMETIJ.
We are extremely proud of this achievement, since this proves that our hard work and strive for quality are being appreciated.

The existence of such a rich knowledge about the process of oil production reflects in numerous acknowledgements and awards for the excellently rated oils of the Korošec Oil Mill which are all entirely grown and produced in Slovenia.Pumpkin seeds are known as golice and are being produced either on own agricultural land of the family Korošec or, to meet the growing demand, on agricultural areas of sub-contractors, coming exclusively from the local Ptuj area, in particular from the municipality Gorišnica.
These sub-contractors have been involved into partnerships with the Korošec Oil Mill for as long as 15 years, some of them are close to celebrating their twentieth anniversary of cooperation. Such a long period has been the perfect opportunity to exploit the well established knowledge and experience in the production of quality seeds, which is a precondition for high quality pumpkin seed oil.